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The Park Inn, Woodsetton, West Midlands beers

Brewery Beer Location ABV Compare?
West Berkshire Mistletoe Thatcham, Berks. 4.7% Compare?
West Berkshire Mild Thatcham, Berks. 3.8% Compare?
West Berkshire Alehoof Thatcham, Berks. 4.3% Compare?
W.J King Kings Old Ale Horsham, West Sussex 4.5% Compare?
West Berkshire Copper Hop Thatcham, Berks. 4.3% Compare?
Gribble Porterhouse Oving, West Sussex. 5.1% Compare?
Blackwater Poison Stourbridge, West Mids. 4.2% Compare?
Blackwater Psychedelic Stourbridge, West Mids. TBC Compare?
Blackwater Reggae Stourbridge, West Mids. 4.3% Compare?
Blackwater Requiem Stourbridge, West Mids. 4.7% Compare?
Blackwater Scoundrel Stourbridge, West Mids. 5.5% Compare?
Blackwater Voodoo Stourbridge, West Mids. 4.3% Compare?
Hammerpot Red Hunter Poling, West Sussex. 4.3% Compare?
Cottage Champflower Ale West Lydford, Somset. 4.2% Compare?
Hammerpot Meteor Poling, West Sussex. 3.8% Compare?
Cottage Goldrush West Lydford, Somset. 5% Compare?
Blackwater Jailbird Stourbridge, West Mids. 4.6% Compare?
Hammerpot Martlet Poling, West Sussex. 3.6% Compare?
Gribble Wobbler Oving, West Sussex. 7.2% Compare?
Gribble Toffs Ale Oving, West Sussex. 4% Compare?