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Black Tor Devon beers

Brewery Beer Location ABV Compare?
Summerskills Cellar Vee Plymouth, Devon 3.7% Compare?
Bays Topsail Paignton, Devon 4% Compare?
Jollyboat Privateer Bideford, Devon. 4.8% Compare?
Jollyboat Contraband Bideford, Devon. 5.8% Compare?
O'Hanlons Blakeleys Best Whimple, Devon. 4.2% Compare?
O'Hanlons Dragon Ale Whimple, Devon. 4.5% Compare?
O'Hanlons Dry Stout Whimple, Devon. 4.2% Compare?
Summerskills Tamar Plymouth, Devon 4.3% Compare?
O'Hanlons Good Will Whimple, Devon. 5% Compare?
O'Hanlons Myrica Ale Whimple, Devon. 4.2% Compare?
Bays Gold Paignton, Devon 4.3% Compare?
O'Hanlons Royal Oak Whimple, Devon. 5% Compare?
Summerskills Festival ale Plymouth, Devon 5.5% Compare?
Summerskills Guzzale Plymouth, Devon 4.6% Compare?
Jollyboat Plunder Bideford, Devon. 4.8% Compare?
O'Hanlons Firefly Whimple, Devon. 3.7% Compare?
Summerskills Hopscotch Plymouth, Devon 4.1% Compare?
Bays Breaker Paignton, Devon 4.7% Compare?
Highgate Black Pig Walsall, W. Mids. 4.4% Compare?
Allgates All Black Wigan, Lancashire. 3.6% Compare?