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Export Scotch - Black Isle beers

Brewery Beer Location ABV Compare?
Isle of Skye Black Cuillin Uig, Isle of Skye. 4.5% Compare?
Black Isle Red Kite Munlochy, Rosshire. 4.2% Compare?
Black Isle Yellowhammer Munlochy, Rosshire. 4% Compare?
Black Isle Blonde Munlochy, Rosshire. 4.5% Compare?
Black Isle Porter Munlochy, Rosshire. 4.6% Compare?
Black Isle Wagtail Munlochy, Rosshire. 4.5% Compare?
Cains Export IPA Liverpool 4.7% Compare?
Black Isle Hibernator Wheat Munlochy, Rosshire. 4.5% Compare?
Black Isle Wheat Beer Munlochy, Rosshire. 5% Compare?
Hebridean Celtic Black Ale Stornoway, Isle of Lewis. 3.9% Compare?
Black Isle Heather Honey Beer Munlochy, Rosshire. 4.7% Compare?
Daleside Bobek Export Harrogate, N. Yorks. 5% Compare?
Hopback Hop Scotch Salisbury, Wilts. 4.6% Compare?
TSA Scotch Mist Throsk, Stirlingshire. 5% Compare?
Caledonian Scotch Mist Edinburgh, Lothian. 4% Compare?
Belhaven Maclays Gold Scotch Ale Dunbar, Lothian. 5% Compare?
Islay Black Rock Ale Bridgend, Isle of Islay 4.2% Compare?
Inveralmond Export Pale Ale Inveralmond, Perth. 5.6% Compare?
Isle of Mull McCaigs Folly Ledaig, Tobermory, Isle of Mull 4.2% Compare?
Yates' Isle of Wight Undercliff Experience Ventnor, Isle of Wight 4.1% Compare?