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Yard of Ale Brewery

Ferryhill, Durham.

Yard of Ale - brewery based near Ferryhill, Durham. with 7 beers listed including Best of Yards to Yard Bird

Yard of Ale Beers

Beer ABV Notes Active Compare?
Best of Yards 4.3% A copper coloured, best bitter with rich malt a... Permanent Compare?
Black as Owt Stout 4.2% A traditional stout. This dark stout immediatel... Occasional Compare?
One Foot in the Yard 4.5% A robust, fruity golden ale infused with a blen... Permanent Compare?
One over the Yard Arm 4.5% IPA Style golden ale. Fantastic crisp flavours ... Occasional Compare?
Surtees Gold 4% A smooth, easy-drinking beer with slight initia... Permanent Compare?
Winter's Yard 4.6% A seasonal dark bitter. A real winter warmer of... Occasional Compare?
Yard Bird 4% Light copper coloured session bitter with wonde... Occasional Compare?