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Woodfordes Brewery

Norwich, Norfolk.

Woodfordes - brewery based near Norwich, Norfolk. with 11 beers listed including Admiral's Reserve to Wherry

Woodfordes Beers

Beer ABV Notes Active Compare?
Admiral's Reserve 5% The solid and generous sweet fruit flavours ble... Permanent Compare?
Great Eastern 4.3% A pale golden beer with a teasing blend of lage... Discontinued Compare?
Headcracker 7% This pale beer is strong and full-bodied, rich ... Occasional Compare?
Ketts Rebellion 3.6% This deep amber session beer is surprisingly li... Permanent Compare?
Mardlers 3.5% Gentle, delicate sweet roasted malts, combined ... Permanent Compare?
Nelsons Revenge 4.5% A full-bodied pale amber beer, the rich and flo... Permanent Compare?
Nog 4.6% This is a smooth, reddish-black, rich and round... Permanent Compare?
Norfolk Nip 8.5% Dark mahogany in colour this intensely-flavoure... Occasional Compare?
Once Bittern 4% A copper-coloured ale with a distinctive aroma ... 01/08/2011 Compare?
Sundew 4.1% Subtle golden beer - pale in colour and light o... Permanent Compare?
Wherry 3.8% Amber in colour with a fresh zesty aroma. An in... Permanent Compare?