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Whitley Bridge Brewery

Wakefield, W.Yorks

Whitley Bridge - brewery based near Wakefield, W.Yorks with 8 beers listed including All the Way to Sharp Shooter

Whitley Bridge Beers

Beer ABV Notes Active Compare?
All the Way TBC The lightest of the beers from Whitley bridge. ... Compare?
Burning Bridges 5% A full flavoured dark ruby coloured beer.Well h... Compare?
Emberzale 4.2% As the name suggests this is a dark beer brinki... Compare?
Gunslingers Ale 4.3% The head brewers choice of beer, a rich ruby co... Compare?
Kneeknocker 4% A very light colour ideal for summer. Compare?
Nellies Bitter 4.3% Standard bitter, slightly fruity flavour, light... Compare?
Newton Bar Bitter 4.2% A traditional style bitter, mid brown in colour... Compare?
Sharp Shooter 5% A strong alternative to Burning bridges. Not as... Compare?