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Tomos Watkins Brewery

Swansea, Wales.

Tomos Watkins - brewery based near Swansea, Wales. with 12 beers listed including Brewery Bitter to Owain Glyndwr

Tomos Watkins Beers

Beer ABV Notes Active Compare?
Brewery Bitter 4% A pale amber cask bitter with a full malty pala... Permanent Compare?
Chwarae Teg 4.1% A vibrant golden ale called Chwarae Teg which m... Permanent Compare?
Cwrw Braf 3.7% "Good Beer" A clean drinking amber coloured ale... Permanent Compare?
Cwrw Ceridwen 4.2% Ceridwen Beer is named after a legendary Welsh ... 01/04/2005 Compare?
Cwrw Gaef 4.6% A traditional, warming, dark winter ale. Brewed... 01/12/2006 Compare?
Cwrw Haf 4.2% " Summer Beer " Very light in colour, produced ... 01/09/2005 Compare?
Cwrw Santa 4.6% "Santa's Beer" A traditional, warming, dark win... 01/12/2005 Compare?
Dewi Sant 4.2% A pleasant light ale with pale ale, wheat and c... 01/03/2005 Compare?
Merlin Stout 4.2% A full-bodied dar stout with a distinctive bitt... Permanent Compare?
Old Style Bitter 4.5% A rich red premium cask ale produced using Pale... Permanent Compare?
OSB 4.5% Old Style Bitter - A rich red premium cask ale ... Permanent Compare?
Owain Glyndwr 4.2% Named after the King of Wales. A rich, full fla... 01/12/2005 Compare?