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Summerskills Brewery

Plymouth, Devon

Summerskills - brewery based near Plymouth, Devon with 19 beers listed including Barley Mow to Winter Warmer

Summerskills Beers

Beer ABV Notes Active Compare?
Barley Mow 4.8% A black devon mild, liquorice flavour, and slig... Compare?
Best Bitter 4.3% Mid brown colour with fine crystal malt and hop... Permanent Compare?
Cellar Vee 3.7% Mid brown colour, full of crystal malt and hop ... Permanent Compare?
Devon Dew 4.7% A new brew specially commissioned for the Devon... 01/06/2007 Compare?
Devon Pills Loutenberg 4.5% A pale beer, with hoppy aromas provided by Firs... Occasional Compare?
Dune Pale Ale 4.5% Light in colour, brewed with lager malt with a ... Occasional Compare?
Fat Free Beer 4.7% Light coloured beer, brewed using a blend of la... Summer Compare?
Festival ale 5.5% Originally brewed for the Plymouth CAMRAFEST 20... Summer Compare?
Guzzale 4.6% A new beer for 2010 brewed to raise money for t... Permanent Compare?
Hopscotch 4.1% A pleasant session bitter, light to mid brown w... Permanent Compare?
I.K.B 4.7% Mid brown in colour with a hint of rum in the a... Summer Compare?
Indiana's Bones 5.6% A rich dark winter warmer, soft chocolate in th... Winter Compare?
Menacing Dennis 4.5% Mid brown in colour. Aromas of dark malt and ho... Occasional Compare?
Ninja Beer 5% A dark gold beer, with a strong, fruity aroma a... Occasional Compare?
Norm's First Brew 4.2% Summer Compare?
Shamrock Stout 4.4% A rich tasting dark beer with combined flavours... 01/02/2006 Compare?
Tamar 4.3% A mid brown bitter with a fine crystal malt and... Permanent Compare?
Whistlebelly Vengence 4.7% A dark ruby beer full of dark malt character, a... Winter Compare?
Winter Warmer 4.6% A ruby coloured beer full of roast malt and fru... Occasional Compare?