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Summer Wine Brewery

Holmfirth, W. Yorks.

Summer Wine - brewery based near Holmfirth, W. Yorks. with 20 beers listed including Ale Caesar to Zenith Pale Ale

Summer Wine Beers

Beer ABV Notes Active Compare?
Ale Caesar 4.4% A pale ale that has a real distinctive characte... Discontinued Compare?
Apache APA 5.2% Amber coloured American pale ale. This ale is r... Discontinued Compare?
Barista Espresso Stout 4.8% A full flavoured stout with a deep, complex mal... Permanent Compare?
Dambusters Dark Mild 3.5% A dark mild that has real character, a nutty ro... Discontinued Compare?
Diablo IPA 6% Permanent Compare?
Elbow Grease 3.8% A golden ale that has a big citrus hop characte... Discontinued Compare?
Furnace Gold 4.2% An intensely rich dark ale, brewed with six dif... Occasional Compare?
Galleon 4.5% Galleon is a copper coloured ale that has a ric... Discontinued Compare?
Gambit 4.2% Dry-hopped deep golden/bronze ale with an asser... Permanent Compare?
Helios 4% A blonde ale that has tropical fruit hop charac... 01/08/2010 Compare?
Holmfirth IPA 4.2% An India Pale Ale that is copper in colour. It ... Discontinued Compare?
Houblon IPA 4.2% An India Pale Ale that is copper in colour. It ... Discontinued Compare?
Invictus 4.5% A copper coloured ale that has a rich malt prof... Discontinued Compare?
Project 6 6% Summit & Cascade dominated, this IPA delivers a... Discontinued Compare?
Resistance Mild 3.7% A dark mild. Permanent Compare?
Teleporter 5% A rich dark porter brewed with 10 different mal... Permanent Compare?
Tiberius 4.2% a pale ale with a biscuit malt body, a fruity o... Discontinued Compare?
Treason Treacle Stout 4.8% A rich stout with a full roast malt body that g... Permanent Compare?
Valencia 4% A pale coloured ale hopped with Citra. 01/07/2011 Compare?
Zenith Pale Ale 4% Dry-hopped pale ale that is dominated by Centen... Permanent Compare?