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St Peters Brewery

Bungay, Suffolk

St Peters - brewery based near Bungay, Suffolk with 18 beers listed including Best Bitter to Winters Ale

St Peters Beers

Beer ABV Notes Active Compare?
Best Bitter 3.7% A traditional best bitter brewed with pale and ... Compare?
Cinnamon & Apple Spiced Ale 6.5% A rich, dark winter beer with apple, cinnamon a... Compare?
Cream Stout 6.5% Fuggles and Challenger hops plus a blend of 4 l... Compare?
Extra 4.4% A premium beer made in the same style as a port... Compare?
Golden Ale 4.7% A distinctive golden ale with a delicate, fresh... Compare?
Grapefruit 4.7% A superbly refreshing beer. The zesty/piffy gra... Compare?
Honey Porter 5.1% A traditional English porter finished with hone... Compare?
King Cnut Ale 5% This unique ale is based on a recipe from the f... Compare?
Lemon & Ginger Spiced Ale 4.7% Traditional English ale with a light citrus aro... Compare?
Mild 3.7% A classic example of a beer mild in hops but no... Compare?
Old Style Porter 5.1% This fine beer is a blend of a mature old ale a... Compare?
Organic Ale 4.5% Water is extracted from our own 300 deep boreh... Compare?
Organic Best Bitter 4.1% A superb full bodied beer with a refreshing aft... Compare?
Ruby Red Ale 4.3% A tawny red ale with subtle malt undertones and... Compare?
Strong Ale 5.1% A fine example of a traditional English strong ... Compare?
Suffolk Gold 4.9% Suffolk-grown First Gold hops provided the insp... Compare?
Summer Ale 6.5% This is a rich and complex Summer Ale. Light S... Compare?
Winters Ale 6.5% A deep ruby red strong ale with an excellent ba... Compare?