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Scattor Rock Brewery

Exeter, Devon.

Scattor Rock - brewery based near Exeter, Devon. with 38 beers listed including 2002 AD Not Out to Yes Tor IPA

Scattor Rock Beers

Beer ABV Notes Active Compare?
2002 AD Not Out 4.5% Compare?
Autumn Nights 4.8% Compare?
Bellever Tor 4.6% Compare?
Brent Tor Mild 3.8% Compare?
Clay Cutter 4.6% Compare?
Cordon Tor 4.3% Compare?
Cox Tor IPA 3.9% Compare?
Devonian 4.5% A stronger light coloured ale. Fruity and 'moor... Permanent Compare?
Dinger Tor 4.8% Compare?
Gidley's Anniversary Ale 4.4% Compare?
Ginger Whinger 4.6% Compare?
Golden Gorse 5.1% Compare?
Golden Valley 4.6% A lovely golden refreshing ale. Permanent Compare?
Hay Tor Porter 4.3% Compare?
Hound Tor 4.8% Compare?
Kingfisher 5.2% Compare?
Lucky Tor 4.4% Compare?
Lynch Tor 4.7% Compare?
Night Porter 5.2% Compare?
Quarryman Stout 4.4% Compare?
Rippon Tor Extra 4.5% Compare?
Rockin Rudolf 4.3% Compare?
Rough Tor 3.9% Compare?
Same Again 4.1% Compare?
Scary Tor 4.6% Compare?
Scattor Brain 4.8% Compare?
Scattor Claus 4.7% Compare?
Scatty Bitter 3.8% Compare?
Sheeps Tor 3.8% Compare?
Shelstone Tor 4.3% Compare?
Steeperton Tor 4.2% Compare?
Swell Tor 5% Compare?
Teign Valley Tipple 4% A well balanced tawny coloured beer with a hopp... Permanent Compare?
The King Evil 6% Compare?
Tom Cobley 4.2% A refreshing light brown session ale Compare?
Totally Brain Dead 8% Compare?
Valley Stomper 5% Light brown and deceptively drinkable for a 5% ... Permanent Compare?
Yes Tor IPA 4.1% Compare?