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Saltaire Brewery

Shipley, West Yorkshire.

Saltaire - brewery based near Shipley, West Yorkshire. with 43 beers listed including Amarillo Gold to Yorkshire Pale Bitter

Saltaire Beers

Beer ABV Notes Active Compare?
Amarillo Gold 4.4% A straw coloured clear wheat beer with pronounc... 01/04/2008 Compare?
Bavarian Black 4.9% A dark Munich style lager with moderate hopping... 01/06/2009 Compare?
Blackberry Cascade 4.8% An American style pale ale, hopped with Cascade... 01/05/2009 Compare?
Bulldog Brown Ale 4.8% A traditional style using amber and brown malts... 01/04/2010 Compare?
Cascade Pale Ale 4.8% An American style pale ale with the floral arom... Permanent Compare?
Cascadian Black 4.8% A black IPA, with the roast malt flavours of a ... Permanent Compare?
Challenger Special 5.2% Strong bitter balancing complex malt flavours w... Occasional Compare?
Cheeky Kriek 4% An ale made with fresh cherry concentrate, givi... Permanent Compare?
Chocolate Stout 5% Rich chocolate flavours and silky oatmeal textu... 01/02/2008 Compare?
Christmas Ale 4.8% A red beer with toffee and chocolate malt flavo... 01/12/2007 Compare?
Copper Ale 4.1% Copper coloured malty ale. Brewed with a blend... 01/11/2009 Compare?
Crystal Red 4.4% Deep red ale with Crysal malt, providing rich t... 01/07/2011 Compare?
Dark Dragon 4% A sessionable dark ale with a strong malt prese... 01/04/2010 Compare?
Dark Mild 3.8% A classic dark mild with a hint of sweetness, m... 01/05/2009 Compare?
Dublin Stout 4% Smooth and smokey! Stacked with black and cryst... 01/03/2010 Compare?
Elderflower Blonde 4% A refreshing Blonde ale infused with the delica... Occasional Compare?
Festival Ale 4% Amber bitter with rich soft malt flavours, bala... Occasional Compare?
Fuggles Bitter 3.8% A classic easy drinking bitter with the floral ... Occasional Compare?
Ginger Spice 3.8% A light spicy amber beer with a fistful of fres... 01/05/2009 Compare?
Goldings Ale 4.2% Refreshing golden ale with the delicate fruit f... 01/09/2009 Compare?
Harvest Moon Ale 4.2% A rich ruby red, malty best bitter with spicy n... 01/11/2010 Compare?
Hazlenut Coffee Porter 4.6% A smooth porter with German malts and hops. Add... 01/05/2009 Compare?
Northdown Red 4.4% An amber bitter with a reddish hue. This beer f... Occasional Compare?
Nuptuale 4% A blissful brew, pale as the bride, golden as t... 01/04/2011 Compare?
Raspberry Blonde 4% A refreshing blonde ale infused with a hint of ... 01/05/2009 Compare?
Red Hat 4.8% A red beer with toffee and chocolate malt flavo... 01/12/2007 Compare?
Rye Smile 3.8% A copper coloured session bitter with crystal r... Occasional Compare?
Saltaire Blonde 4% A straw coloured light ale with soft malt flavo... Permanent Compare?
Saltaire Dark Mild 3.8% 01/05/2009 Compare?
Saltaire XB 4.3% A strong fruity bitter with roast malt aromas .... Permanent Compare?
South Island IPA 3.5% A clean pale beer, with cool crisp fruitiness f... 01/08/2011 Compare?
Stateside IPA 6% A classic strong American style IPA. Bags of Ca... 01/04/2010 Compare?
Stein Gold 4.3% A rich golden ale with strong nut and caramel m... 01/02/2010 Compare?
Sublime Blonde 4% A refreshing blonde ale infused with lime flavo... 01/05/2009 Compare?
Summer Ale 4.2% A refreshing pale gold ale, with a tangy citrus... 01/07/2010 Compare?
Sundowner Ale 3.8% A light refreshing bitter with citrus hops and ... 01/12/2006 Compare?
Texas Brown 4.7% Amber malt provides nutty flavours but American... 01/09/2009 Compare?
Titus Black 4.5% A dark, silky, full-bodied ale with smoky roast... 01/03/2009 Compare?
Trio Pale 4.4% Three American hops - Centennial, Amarillo and ... 01/05/2009 Compare?
Triple Chocaholic Stout 4.8% Chocolate malts, real chocolate and chocolate s... 01/11/2011 Compare?
White Christmas Ale 4.5% A light coloured ale brewed with pale rye and V... 01/12/2010 Compare?
Winter Ale 4.9% Strong amber bitter with toffee accents from cr... 01/11/2011 Compare?
Yorkshire Pale Bitter 3.8% A pale bitter featuring malts from Castleford. ... Discontinued Compare?