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Red Rose Brewery

Great Harwood, Lancashire

Red Rose - brewery based near Great Harwood, Lancashire with 11 beers listed including Blackpool Belle to Treacleminers Tipple

Red Rose Beers

Beer ABV Notes Active Compare?
Blackpool Belle 4% Golden bitter with robust taste ,full soft slig... Compare?
Bowley Best Bitter 3.7% Darkish very northern bitter malty yet sharp wi... Compare?
Care Taker Of History 6% A dark copper ale.Sweetish, but the malt does n... Compare?
Felix 4.2% Dry pale and remarkably hoppy with a keen nose,... Compare?
Lancs And Yorks Aleway 4.5% Copper coloured strong premium beer initially s... Compare?
Old Ben 4.3% Pale remarkably clean tasting crisp little scen... Compare?
Old Demdyke 4.6% A Dark ale with a ruby hint,with a sweetish nut... Compare?
Old Empire 5.5% A genuine India Pale Ale in the 1820's style, w... Compare?
Paddy O'Hackers 4.6% Compare?
Quaffing Ale 3.8% A copper coloured traditional Northern style bi... Compare?
Treacleminers Tipple 3.9% An intensely dark highly traditional best mild.... Compare?