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Rebellion Brewery

Marlow, Bucks.

Rebellion - brewery based near Marlow, Bucks. with 70 beers listed including Backlash to Zonked

Rebellion Beers

Beer ABV Notes Active Compare?
Backlash 4.3% A Golden and Refreshing ale. Compare?
Beered Up 4.2% A golden, malty ale flavoured with a blend of E... Compare?
Blitzed 4.4% Red & Hoppy 01/05/2006 Compare?
Blotto 4.4% Amber & refreshing 01/09/2006 Compare?
Bobby Trap 4.4% 01/09/2007 Compare?
Brahms 4.2% Amber & floral 01/06/2006 Compare?
Conspiracy 4.2% 01/04/2007 Compare?
Deception 4.2% 01/11/2007 Compare?
Defector 4.4% Red & Fruity with an aromatic hop finish 01/07/2007 Compare?
Deserter 4.2% 01/02/2007 Compare?
Double Agent 4.4% An amber coloured floral bitter 01/01/2008 Compare?
Espionage 4.4% A refreshing amber coloured bitter 01/06/2008 Compare?
Festive Fuel 4.1% A pale and hoppy Christmas beer. Compare?
Ghoulies 5% A Dark and Strong hoppy beer Compare?
Gold Digger 4.2% A light, golden, refreshing nugget of a beer ... Compare?
Half Cut 4.6% A well hopped, ruby coloured bitter with carame... Compare?
Hammered 4.4% A full-bodied knock-out of a beer, packed with ... Compare?
Hullabaloo 4.2% A Red and Malty ale. Compare?
Incognito 4.3% 01/03/2007 Compare?
Infiltration 4.2% An amber coloured fruiy bitter 01/02/2008 Compare?
Interrogator 4.2% 01/06/2007 Compare?
Laddered 4.2% Golden & citrusy 01/11/2006 Compare?
Legless 3.9% A light, copper coloured best bitter. Easy drin... Compare?
Liquid Assett 4.3% Golden with a dry crisp finish 01/10/2009 Compare?
May-hem 4.2% A red coloured malty bitter with a dry finish. Compare?
Mince Spy 4.2% Pale & Crisp 01/12/2008 Compare?
Mutiny 4.5% A reddish coloured full bodied ale with a rich ... Permanent Compare?
Off the record 4.2% A malty red bitter 01/08/2008 Compare?
Old Codger 5% A blend of pale and crystal malts is aged in th... Compare?
Overdraft Ale 4.3% An amber coloured ale, produced with two styles... 01/02/2011 Compare?
Overthrow ale 4.4% Amber coloured with citrus notes. 01/07/2008 Compare?
Pickled 4.4% Red/brown & full flavoured 01/10/2006 Compare?
Pickled Ghoulies 4.3% Combining amber and roasted malts to produce a ... Compare?
Pie Eyed 4.4% This golden ale is full of the intense colour a... Compare?
Plastered 4.2% Amber in colour, very malty with a lively hoppy... 01/08/2005 Compare?
Prime Suspect 4.3% A reddish bitter with hoppy notes 01/03/2008 Compare?
Propoganda 4.2% A traditional brown bitter with fruity notes 01/04/2008 Compare?
Ratted 3.9% An easy-drinking, amber ale with a dry, crisp f... Compare?
Rebellion Blonde 4.3% Brewed using only pale and lager malts, giving ... 01/09/2010 Compare?
Rebellion IPA 3.7% A light coloured, easy drinking beer with consi... Permanent Compare?
Rebellion Mild 3.5% A traditional dark mild. Permanent Compare?
Rebellion Red 4.7% This premium ale derives it's deep copper and r... 01/11/2010 Compare?
Reindeers Revenge 4.2% A pale and Hoppy ale Compare?
Revolt 4.4% Light, clean, crisp and refreshing Compare?
Revolution 4.4% A dark copper coloured, hoppy ale 01/09/2008 Compare?
Roasted Nuts 4.6% A winter ale brewed with American Cascade hops.... 01/12/2010 Compare?
Round Avoider 4.4% A fruity, amber coloured, seasonal beer. Compare?
Saboteur 4.3% Amber and dry 01/11/2008 Compare?
Santa's Surprise 4.2% Pale and crisp. 01/12/2007 Compare?
Secret Agent 4.3% Pale and floral. 01/10/2008 Compare?
Shaken not Stirred 4.2% 01/08/2007 Compare?
Shot to Bits 4.2% A well balanced refreshing beer with a delicate... Compare?
Skinful 4.2% A thirst quenching ale with a clean, aromatic f... Compare?
Slaughtered 4.2% Amber & dry 01/04/2006 Compare?
Sleighed 4.2% Pale and crisp 01/12/2006 Compare?
Sloshed 4.4% Amber & fruity 01/01/2006 Compare?
Smuggler 4.1% An amber coloured Bitter, offering initial smoo... Permanent Compare?
Sozzled Santa 4.4% A blend of roasted malt and Cascade hops make t... 01/12/2006 Compare?
Sparko 4.3% Red/brown & malty 01/03/2006 Compare?
Spooks 4.4% 01/10/2007 Compare?
Stewed 4.4% Red & Fruity! 01/07/2006 Compare?
Storm 4.4% An Amber coloured and fruity tasting ale. Compare?
Top Secret 4.4% A full flavoured red ale. 01/05/2008 Compare?
Totalled 4.3% A rich, amber coloured premium ale. Compare?
Turmoil 4.4% Light brown and hoppy Compare?
Undercover 4.4% 01/05/2007 Compare?
Well Oiled 4.2% Red & Floral 01/02/2006 Compare?
Wrecked 4.4% Amber and refreshing Compare?
Zebedee 4.7% Light in colour, crisp and refreshing with a de... 01/05/2010 Compare?
Zonked 4.2% Amber & malty 01/08/2006 Compare?