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Outstanding Brewery

Bury, Lancashire

Outstanding - brewery based near Bury, Lancashire with 11 beers listed including Amber Bock to White

Outstanding Beers

Beer ABV Notes Active Compare?
Amber Bock 6% A strong lager brewed with amber malt and authe... Occasional Compare?
Blond 4.5% Only Marris Otter low colour malt gives this be... Occasional Compare?
Ginger 4.5% Light brown beer with a noticeable hint (not ov... Occasional Compare?
OSB 4.4% A mid range copper coloured ale, with a light b... Occasional Compare?
Pilsner 5% Crisp, sharp and clean, How a good lager should... Occasional Compare?
Pushing Out 7.3% A pale golden ale with a very strong distinctiv... Occasional Compare?
Smoked Out 5% A mid brown beer brewed with traditional contin... Occasional Compare?
SOS 4.5% Light brown ale strictly for those that like bi... Occasional Compare?
Standing Out 5.5% A pale golden ale, dry and bitter with a good l... Occasional Compare?
Stout 5.5% A true representation of the beer style, Thick,... Occasional Compare?
White 5% A cloudy wheat beer with earthy, spicy, lemony ... Occasional Compare?