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Mr Whiteheads Cider Brewery

Selborne, Hants.

Mr Whiteheads Cider - brewery based near Selborne, Hants. with 10 beers listed including Blackberry Cider to Toffee Apple Cider

Mr Whiteheads Cider Beers

Beer ABV Notes Active Compare?
Blackberry Cider 4% A light cider infused with blackberries to give... Permanent Compare?
Boxing Dog 7.5% Made from Cox, Russet and Worcester Permain app... Permanent Compare?
Cirrus Minor 5% A blend of three varieties, Spartan (eating), B... Permanent Compare?
Devil's Device 8.4% Quite clear and golden in colour with a full bo... Permanent Compare?
Equinox 4.5% Light and easy drinking. It has both sweet and ... Permanent Compare?
Heart of Hampshire 6% Made from Katy, Ida Red and Royal Gala. Can be ... Permanent Compare?
Midnight Special Perry 5% A pleasant pear aroma and subtle but foll bodie... Permanent Compare?
Newton's Discovery 3.8% Repressed juice is used to keep the strength do... Permanent Compare?
Strawberry Cider 4% A light cider infused with strawberries to give... Permanent Compare?
Toffee Apple Cider 4% A light apple cider gently infused with toffee.... Permanent Compare?