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Mile Stone Brewery

Newark, Notts.

Mile Stone - brewery based near Newark, Notts. with 42 beers listed including All Rye Paddy to Will Scarlet

Mile Stone Beers

Beer ABV Notes Active Compare?
All Rye Paddy 5.6% Dark, smooth, rye beer packed full of flavour. Occasional Compare?
Auld Ale 4.5% Lightly hopped with malty berry finish. Occasional Compare?
Black Pearl 4.3% Dark, mysterious and full of flavour. Produced ... Permanent Compare?
Classic Dark Mild 4% Smooth, dark, rich creamy ale. Occasional Compare?
Colonial Stout 6% Occasional Compare?
Comet 4.2% A real star-like golden ale bursting with flavour. 01/12/2010 Compare?
Cool Amber 6% A traditional strong Pilsner style lager made f... Occasional Compare?
Cromwell's Gold 4% Occasional Compare?
Crusader 4.4% Beautiful blonde Belgium style beer. Well balan... Permanent Compare?
Cupid 4.4% Gorgeous blonde with a pleasing blend of malt a... 01/12/2010 Compare?
Dark Galleon 5.4% Smooth and dark with a hint of rum to warm your... Autumn 09 Compare?
Dasher the Flasher 4.5% A rich red ale full of Christmas cheer. 01/12/2010 Compare?
Deliverance 4.6% A light golden refreshing ale made from pale an... Occasional Compare?
Donner & Blitzed 5.4% Smooth and dark with a hint of rum to warm your... 01/12/2010 Compare?
Forest Gold 4.7% A light golden dry hoppy ale. Occasional Compare?
Game Keeper 5.2% Light golden refreshing ale with tangerine and ... Occasional Compare?
Hammerhead Stout 5.2% A typical full bodied English chocolate stout. ... Occasional Compare?
Harry Porter 5.2% A dark coloured ale with blackberry flavours. Occasional Compare?
Hoptimism 3.6% Light and refreshing hoppy, golden ale. Discontinued Compare?
IPA 4.8% Milestone's Imperial Pale Ale. Pale and light c... Permanent Compare?
Lion's Pride 3.8% A copper coloured session ale. A well balanced,... Permanent Compare?
Lionheart 4.4% A rich creamy smooth English ale. Fit for a king. Occasional Compare?
Little John 5% Permanent Compare?
Loxley Ale 4.2% A light golden ale made with a subtle hint of l... Permanent Compare?
Maid Marian 4.3% A light coloured ale with citrus flavours. Occasional Compare?
Missy Sippy Jazz Ale 5.5% A light golden ale with a citrus aftertaste. Occasional Compare?
North Rock 4% An amber coloured traditional session ale. Occasional Compare?
Old English 4.9% Full bodied winter warmer with a pleasing nutty... Permanent Compare?
Old Oak 4.1% A dark oaky ale with bitter finish. Occasional Compare?
Olde Home Wrecker 4.9% Full bodied Winter ale packed full of flavour. ... Discontinued Compare?
Prancer the Dancer 4.9% Deep chestnut, roast malt with a smooth flavour... 01/12/2010 Compare?
Raspberry Wheat [Hazy Beer] 5.6% Titan gold in colour with the unmistakable arom... Permanent Compare?
Rich Ruby 4.5% A ruby red beer with a creamy head, lightly hop... Permanent Compare?
Saint Georges Legend 4% A traditional English, clean and crisp session ... Occasional Compare?
Sherwood Stag 4.8% Occasional Compare?
Shine On 4% A light straw coloured summer ale. Clean, crisp... Permanent Compare?
Somers Wheat Beer 5.5% A crystal clear wheat beer named in honour of S... Permanent Compare?
Sup Porter 5.2% A smooth, rich, dark porter made from pale crys... Occasional Compare?
Taebury Boch 4.4% A German style dark ale infused with taeburys, ... Summer 08 Compare?
Tucks Tipple 4.2% Rich mahogany dry hoppy ale. Occasional Compare?
Vixen 3.8% Beautiful copper coloured, full bodied ale. 01/12/2010 Compare?
Will Scarlet 3.6% Occasional Compare?