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Marble Brewery


Marble - brewery based near Manchester. with 19 beers listed including Chocolate Heavy to Uncut Amber

Marble Beers

Beer ABV Notes Active Compare?
Chocolate Heavy 5.5% A strong, rich stout-like beer with sweet malts... Occasional Compare?
Chorlton-cum-Hazy 3.8% A classic dry Northern bitter with a refreshing... ? Compare?
Cloudy Marble 4% The Best Bitter with a generous fruity hop arom... ? Compare?
Festival 4.4% A clean drinking pale beer with an immense flor... 01/11/2007 Compare?
Ginger Marble 4.5% Intense and complex, full-bodied and fiery. A r... Permanent Compare?
GSB 3.8% Pale golden, dry, hoppy session bitter. Very ho... Permanent Compare?
J P Best 4.3% Hoppy and pale best bitter, full bodied with a ... Permanent Compare?
Janine's One 3.9% Very hoppy, pale golden, dry session bitter. Permanent Compare?
Lagonda IPA 5% Deceptively robust, this classic IPA is golden,... Permanent Compare?
Manchester Bitter 4.2% The quintessential Mancunian ale. A straw colou... Permanent Compare?
Marble Bitter 3.9% A pale tawny session bitter. Initial sweetness ... Occasional Compare?
McKenna's Revised Porter 4.5% A full, rich, hoppy dark porter with a complex ... Occasional Compare?
N over 4 3.8% The best Bitter with a generous fruity hop arom... ? Compare?
Port Stout 4.7% A dry stout with huge character and a whole bot... 01/01/2008 Compare?
Road Rider 4.3% A hoppy, pale best bitter with a full palate an... 01/06/2006 Compare?
Stout 4.3% Brewed for St Patrick's day. Dry and full bodie... 01/03/2008 Compare?
Stouter Stout 4.7% Gutsy and assertive authentic extra stout. Permanent Compare?
Summer Marble 4.5% Brewed to a different recipe each year with the... 01/08/2007 Compare?
Uncut Amber 4.7% Strong dark mild. Full bodied without being clo... 01/06/2006 Compare?