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Keltek Brewery

Redruth, Cornwall.

Keltek - brewery based near Redruth, Cornwall. with 8 beers listed including 4K Mild Ale to Trevithick's Revenge

Keltek Beers

Beer ABV Notes Active Compare?
4K Mild Ale 4% A traditional dark mild but fruity in taste wit... Permanent Compare?
Beheaded 7.6% This ale is STRONG! A little sweet and far too ... Permanent Compare?
Golden Lance 4% Light golden, pale and fruity with a citrus bias. Permanent Compare?
Grim Reaper 6% A balance of four malts and roasted barley with... Permanent Compare?
Keltek King 5.1% Paler than most bitters but exceptionally well ... Permanent Compare?
Keltek Magik 4% Tawny red in colour and full of hops and malt f... Permanent Compare?
Mr Murdochs Golden IPA 4.5% Almost tangerine in colour with malt and hop fl... Permanent Compare?
Trevithick's Revenge 4.5% A blend of four malts and hopped thrice. Darkis... Permanent Compare?