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Jollyboat Brewery

Bideford, Devon.

Jollyboat - brewery based near Bideford, Devon. with 8 beers listed including Bucaneers Bitter to Privateer

Jollyboat Beers

Beer ABV Notes Active Compare?
Bucaneers Bitter 3.7% A pale brown bitter with a pleasant aromatic pr... Permanent Compare?
Contraband 5.8% A festive Victorian style porter. Complex meld ... 01/12/2008 Compare?
Corsair Bitter 4.5% Mid-brown with a smooth malty mouth feel and co... Permanent Compare?
Freebooter Bitter 4% A tawny bitter, malty with fruit accents from F... Permanent Compare?
Grenville's Renown 3.8% Darkish brown session bitter from Maris Otter, ... Permanent Compare?
Mainbrace Bitter 4.2% Golden coloured with malt and hops on the nose.... Permanent Compare?
Plunder 4.8% A good balance of malt, hops and fruit present ... Permanent Compare?
Privateer 4.8% A darkish amber with malty chocolatey aroma sup... Permanent Compare?