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Jennings Brewery

Cockermouth, Cumbria.

Jennings - brewery based near Cockermouth, Cumbria. with 20 beers listed including Cocker Hoop to Yan T'Yan Tethera

Jennings Beers

Beer ABV Notes Active Compare?
Cocker Hoop 4.6% An award-winning golden bitter from an all malt... Permanent Compare?
Crag Rat 4.3% A refreshing golden coloured bitter, 'Crag Rat'... 01/09/2009 Compare?
Cross Buttock 4.5% A well balanced all malt bitter, rich in colour... 01/01/2009 Compare?
Cumberland Ale 4% A superb golden coloured ale, brewed with malt ... Permanent Compare?
Dark Mild 3.1% A very dark malty mild which is characteristica... Permanent Compare?
Fish King 4.3% A light coloured, easy drinking ale brewed with... 01/08/2009 Compare?
Golden Host 4.3% A full bodied, golden bitter brewed using Maris... 01/04/2009 Compare?
Honey Bole 4% A light straw coloured easy drinking ale made w... 01/06/2009 Compare?
Jennings 1828 3.8% A light easy to drink, pale coloured session ale. 01/02/2009 Compare?
Jennings Bitter 3.5% A distinctively darker bitter brewed with malt ... Permanent Compare?
4.3% A premium ale, brewed using two classic varieti... Discontinued Compare?
Lakeland Stunner 3.9% A light golden easy drinking ale with a delicat... 01/03/2009 Compare?
6.5% A strong mellow ruby coloured ale, with a well ... 01/02/2006 Compare?
Little Gem 4% A classic English style bitter with a distincti... 01/10/2009 Compare?
Redbreast 4.5% Brewed with two classic English whole cone hops... 01/12/2008 Compare?
Sneck Lifter 5.1% A dark beer with a reddish tinge, strong, satis... Permanent Compare?
Tom Fool 4% In the style of a light mild, this golden amber... 01/05/2009 Compare?
Wards Bitter 4% A perfectly balanced blend of toasted biscuit a... Discontinued Compare?
World's Biggest Liar 4.3% A dark golden brown coloured bitter with a choc... 01/11/2009 Compare?
Yan T'Yan Tethera 3.8% A light gold ale with subtle nutter , caramel t... 01/07/2009 Compare?