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Hydes Brewery


Hydes - brewery based near Manchester. with 71 beers listed including 1863 Bitter to Yule be Back

Hydes Beers

Beer ABV Notes Active Compare?
1863 Bitter 3.5% Brewed with English pale ale and crystal malts.... Permanent Compare?
Amazing Grace 4.1% Elegant in style and yet robust in its finish, ... 01/04/2011 Compare?
Atomic 4.9% Roasted malts and Fuggle hops give rise to a de... 01/12/2007 Compare?
Bells & Whistles 4.1% This light refreshing golden beer has choicest ... 01/08/2008 Compare?
Cape Crusade 4.2% A golden beer brewed using only Goldings and Fu... 01/06/2010 Compare?
Celebration 4% The much favoured Liberty hop influences the de... 01/08/2005 Compare?
Chocolate 4.3% Smooth dark ale. 01/12/2010 Compare?
Cloud Nine 4.4% Carefully selected best malts and hops combine ... Compare?
Copper Hopper 4.2% The subtlest hint of honey and the flavoursome ... Compare?
Cutty Shark 4.1% A true golden beer at its very best, the Challe... 01/08/2006 Compare?
Dr's Orders 4.4% This elegant light coloured beer is characteris... 01/06/2006 Compare?
Eager Beaver 4.4% Superbly balanced and aromatic. Its character i... 01/06/2008 Compare?
Elevation 4.4% A truly uplifting beer derived from Styrian Gol... 01/06/2005 Compare?
Finders Keepers 4.7% A fairly dark robust winter ale, strong in both... 01/02/2009 Compare?
Fine & Dandy 4.2% Featuring a luxury blend of the finest malts th... Compare?
Firkin Fruity 4.5% A fusion of quality English malts and Fuggles h... Compare?
Free Spirit 4.8% A splendid full tasting deep copper ale derived... 01/02/2006 Compare?
Goalden Drop 4.5% This winter style beer is golden in colour and ... 01/12/2011 Compare?
Golden Brown 4.4% Elegant and smooth, this fine ale is the simple... 01/06/2007 Compare?
Golden Find 4.1% A refreshing and easy drinking summer ale with ... 01/08/2009 Compare?
Harem Scarem 4.7% A frigheningly good, moreish beer with a magica... 01/02/2008 Compare?
Heads & Tails 4.6% A highly quaffable falvoursome ale that is ches... 01/02/2010 Compare?
Heavenly Draft 4.2% A classic amber coloured beer worthy of any cel... 01/04/2006 Compare?
Hidden Treasure 4.5% Truly great beers are hard to find but look no ... 01/10/2006 Compare?
High & Dry 4.9% A complex ale with a depth and variety of flavo... 01/12/2009 Compare?
High Flyer 4.8% Dark and delicious from roasted malts and Fuggl... 01/12/2010 Compare?
HPA 4.5% Hydes Prestigious Ale - Permanent Compare?
Hubble Bubble 4.4% Perfectly balanced and full-bodied, this pale g... Compare?
Hunky Dory 4.8% This highly moreish premium ale is brewed using... Compare?
Hydes Bitter 3.8% A classic full-bodied copper coloured ale, made... Permanent Compare?
Hydes Dark Mild 3.5% A flavoursome cask-conditioned Dark Mild brewed... Discontinued Compare?
Hydes Light 3.5% A lighter beer providing a distinctive flavour ... Discontinued Compare?
Hydes Mild Ale 3.5% A flavoursome mild brewed using a combination o... Permanent Compare?
Inspriation 4.5% This mellow, full flavoured, autumnal ale is cr... 01/10/2005 Compare?
Insulation 5% Dark, delicious and winter warming with just a ... 01/12/2005 Compare?
Jekyll's Gold 4.3% An extremely moreish, rich, traditional ale wit... Permanent Compare?
Jumpin' jack 4.7% A superb and robust ale that is stung in both f... 01/02/2007 Compare?
Loose Cannon 4% Light, refreshing and golden with all the great... 01/08/2010 Compare?
Malt & Mash 4.8% A luxurious blend of the finest Pale Ale, Cara ... Compare?
Mumbo Jumbo 4.9% A charming beer that is big on flavour, big on ... 01/12/2008 Compare?
Old Amarillo 4.5% Fine ruby ale brewed with Amarillo hops. 01/01/2011 Compare?
Over a Barrel 4.1% This amber beer has a thumping great hoppy flav... 01/04/2010 Compare?
Over the moon 4.5% Mellow autumnal flavours characterise this rath... Compare?
Owd Bill 4.5% A highly quaffable Autumnal ale that is chestnu... 01/10/2008 Compare?
Perfection 4.8% Choicest English Fuggles hops and finest Maris ... 01/02/2005 Compare?
Plum Treat 4% Fine fruity beer. 01/11/2010 Compare?
Rack 'n' Ruin 4.1% This tawny tone beer has been crafted with thre... Compare?
Ringmaster 4.4% In creating this mellow full flavoured ale the ... 01/10/2010 Compare?
Rocketeer 4.5% A rich dark winter warmer with a hint of spice ... 01/10/2009 Compare?
Rockin' Robin 4.6% A specially brewed Festival ale, generously hop... 01/12/2007 Compare?
Rompers Rein 5% This ale evolves from a combination of the choi... Compare?
Saint Georges Bitter 4.3% Using the finest English malts and hops this pr... 01/04/2006 Compare?
Satisfaction 4.2% Smooth, satisfying and full flavoured, this bee... 01/04/2005 Compare?
Scare Bleu 4.4% Smooth and slightly spiced with a subtle citrus... 01/06/2009 Compare?
Seventh Heaven 5% This delicious fruity full flavoured ale is cra... Compare?
Ship Shape 4.2% A very tasty classic copper coloured spring bee... 01/06/2011 Compare?
Spin Doctor 4.2% Superbly smooth chestnut brown coloured ale bre... 01/04/2009 Compare?
Splash & Dash 4.4% This lovely copper toned ale is brewed with the... 01/02/2011 Compare?
St George's Ale 4.3% Amber in colour with aromas of toffee and citru... 01/04/2010 Compare?
Stormtrooper 5% Dark and delicious, strong and moorish best sum... 01/12/2006 Compare?
Summertime Blue 4.1% A refreshing easy drinking ale with subtle citr... 01/08/2007 Compare?
Swift Delivery 4% This light refreshing golden summer beer is sur... 01/08/2011 Compare?
Thirst Aid 4.3% A classic autumnal style beer that is rich ches... 01/10/2011 Compare?
Three Sheiks to the Wind 4.5% A rather special rich tasting festive ale creat... 01/12/2009 Compare?
Thriller 4.5% This complex ale is alive with character. A com... 01/10/2007 Compare?
Tickety Boo 4.1% Ultimate refreshment and flavour are the key qu... Compare?
Tightrope 4.3% Beautifully balanced a fine light copper beer w... 01/06/2010 Compare?
Trojan Horse 4.2% Full of hidden secrets this amber coloured beer... 01/04/2008 Compare?
Vertigo 4.2% This classic amber beer will take you right to ... 01/04/2007 Compare?
XXXX Strong Ale 6.8% A seriously strong and robust high strength tru... 01/12/2009 Compare?
Yule be Back 4.5% A strong pale ale for the winter fireside in th... 01/12/2011 Compare?