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Hoggleys Brewery


Hoggleys - brewery based near Northampton. with 9 beers listed including 3 / 6 to Solstice Stout

Hoggleys Beers

Beer ABV Notes Active Compare?
3 / 6 3.6% Light copper colour, peppery spice and full on ... Permanent Compare?
India Pale Ale 5% A beautiful India Pale Ale with excellent thirs... Permanent Compare?
Kislingbury Bitter 4% A dark, complex beer with deep malty tones impe... Permanent Compare?
Mill Lane Mild 4% A luscious dark mild full of malt with chocolat... Permanent Compare?
Nene Bitter 5% Mid-gold bitter with crisp, sharp taste and sp... Permanent Compare?
Northamptonshire Bitter 4% This beautiful, rich golden beer has intense bu... Permanent Compare?
Pump Fiction 4.5% A strong bitter with a strong heart; forceful m... Permanent Compare?
Reservoir Hogs 4.3% Full on flavour from this light copper coloured... Permanent Compare?
Solstice Stout 5% A rich, full flavoured stout made with a wide r... Permanent Compare?