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Hepworth Brewery

Horsham, West Sussex.

Hepworth - brewery based near Horsham, West Sussex. with 6 beers listed including Blonde Lager to Traditional Sussex

Hepworth Beers

Beer ABV Notes Active Compare?
Blonde Lager 5% A long, powerful organic brew with a firm body ... Permanent Compare?
Iron Horse 4.8% A premium bitter that is densely flavoured and ... Permanent Compare?
Old Ale 4.8% Dark and very malty. Admiral hops are used to g... Winter Compare?
Prospect 4.5% An organic pale ale with a good bitter character. Permanent Compare?
Pullman 4.2% A luxurious ale with a crisp fresh biter balanc... Permanent Compare?
Traditional Sussex 3.6% Flavoursome light brew using Goldings hops. Thi... Permanent Compare?