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Eastwood Brewery

Elland, W. Yorks.

Eastwood - brewery based near Elland, W. Yorks. with 9 beers listed including Best Bitter to Sterling

Eastwood Beers

Beer ABV Notes Active Compare?
Best Bitter 4% Straw coloured single malted beer which is stro... Permanent Compare?
Black Prince 5% A distinctive, strong, black porter. A careful ... Permanent Compare?
England's Glory 4% Totally English ingredients. Very pale. Permanent Compare?
EPA 5% Best bitter at its best. Permanent Compare?
Gold Award 4.4% A premium bitter using a mixture of five differ... Permanent Compare?
Lilbourne 5.7% A dangerously drinkable premium beer. Copper co... Permanent Compare?
Mosquito 4.7% A strong, yet unique tasting bitter. Four types... Permanent Compare?
Myrtle's Temper 7% A strong bitter which needs treating with love ... Permanent Compare?
Sterling 3.8% Copper coloured session beer with a pleasant lo... Permanent Compare?