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Durham Brewery


Durham - brewery based near Durham with 38 beers listed including Bede's Gold to White Velvet

Durham Beers

Beer ABV Notes Active Compare?
Bede's Gold 4.2% Smooth with a complex hopping and special lemon... Compare?
Benedictus 8.4% A smooth barley wine. A lively grist mingles wi... Compare?
Bishops Gold 4.6% Lemony with striking aromatic hops. Compare?
Black Abbot 5.3% This is a dark ruby coloured dunkel beer. A for... Compare?
Black Velvet 4% This is black like a stout but with the strengt... Compare?
Bonny Lass 3.9% Ruby coloured but with the flavour of a "White"... Compare?
Canny Lad 4.3% Rich malty scotch type beer. Six malts make a c... Compare?
Cathedral Gold 4.5% A luscious blend of Magnificat and Morningsong. Compare?
Cuthbert's Cross 4.7% Pale gold in colour but rich with grapefruit no... Compare?
Dark Secret 4.3% A porter with a traditional English malty flavour. Compare?
Definitive 3.8% An aroma of strawberries and grapefruit flavour... Compare?
Durham County 4.4% Rich chestnut coloured premium bitter. Strong t... Compare?
Durham Gold 3.7% Extremely full-bodied and flavoursome this is a... Compare?
Durham Ruby 3.7% A traditional ruby mild with a smooth malty body. Compare?
Evensong 5% Based on an original recipe from 1937, this dee... Compare?
Frostbite 3.6% This is the winter counterpart to Sunstroke. De... Compare?
Gold Chalice 3.6% A deep golden 3.6% abv session beer. Made for t... Compare?
Green Goddess 3.8% Created for the "Beauty of Hops" curry beer com... Compare?
India Pale Ale 7% Made from an original 19th century recipe, this... Compare?
Magnificat 6.5% This is a very rich, golden, original style IPA... Compare?
Magus 3.8% A pale session ale with lager qualities. It is ... Permanent Compare?
Morningsong 2.5% The low abv is deceptive. A dry, rich and refre... Compare?
Nine Altars 5.2% A smooth, luscious malt flavour with fruity und... Compare?
Prior's Gold 4.5% A very round and full hop aroma and flavour giv... Compare?
Sanctuary 6% A rich ruby coloured old ale. Smooth and easy w... Compare?
Sunstroke 3.6% A light and crisp bitter. Hugely aromatic with ... Summer Compare?
White Amarillo 4.1% The name comes from the predominant hop. Amaril... Permanent Compare?
White Bishop 4.8% A premium ale using lager malt. American fruity... Compare?
White Bullet 4.4% Made from green bullet hops from New Zealand. B... Compare?
White Centennial 4.4% Centennial hops produce a powerfully aromatic f... Compare?
White Crystal 4.3% Crystal is an aromatic American hop. The flavou... Compare?
White Friar 4.5% A strong version of White Gold. All the aroma a... Compare?
White Gem 3.9% Strong bitterness but complex fruitiness makes ... Compare?
White Gold 4% Pale and aromatic but mouthfilling and thirst q... Permanent Compare?
White Herald 3.9% New Zealand hops predominate in this delicious ... Compare?
White Sapphire 4.5% Light and easy, aromatic and refreshing, White ... Compare?
White Scimitar 4.3% This Durham Experience starts with a powerful f... Compare?
White Velvet 4.2% This is light in colour with a smooth malty bod... Permanent Compare?