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Downton Brewery

Salisbury, Wiltshire

Downton - brewery based near Salisbury, Wiltshire with 65 beers listed including Abbey Ale to Wintun

Downton Beers

Beer ABV Notes Active Compare?
Abbey Ale 4.2% A blend of traditional smoked and amber malts p... 01/03/2011 Compare?
All Rounder 4.4% Roasted barley and chocolate malts add richness... 01/07/2009 Compare?
American Golden Ale 4.8% A pale golden coloured beer, clean tasting with... 01/11/2009 Compare?
Amerquad 4% Four varieties of American hops (Chinook, Liber... 01/11/2007 Compare?
Apple Blossom Ale 4.3% A pale delightfully moreish bitter combining we... 01/05/2010 Compare?
Bandit's Gold 4.2% A golden coloured bitter beer with an unusual h... 01/06/2007 Compare?
Black Knight Bitter 4.1% A dark coloured bitter beer with pronounced ro... 01/01/2011 Compare?
Cherry Ale 4.5% A golden beer with a slight pink hue. Light hop... 01/05/2006 Compare?
Chimera IPA 6.8% A traditional India Pale Ale, brewed with an in... Permanent Compare?
Chimera Red 4.6% Brewed using Tettnang and East Kent Golding hop... 01/10/2006 Compare?
Chocolate Orange Delight 5.8% Originally offered as a Christmas special, this... 01/10/2010 Compare?
Czech Pale Ale 4.1% A pale golden coloured hoppy beer, bitter tasti... 01/05/2006 Compare?
Dark Delight 5.5% A strong dark red coloured beer where the roast... Permanent Compare?
Dial's Pumpkin Ale 4.2% A pale bitter full of rich fruity hops. A sligh... 01/11/2009 Compare?
Double Cherry Draught 4.4% A clean tasting, pink-tinged beer in which cher... 01/06/2007 Compare?
Downton Glory 4.3% Fresh citrus notes on the aroma and a robust ho... 01/12/2007 Compare?
Drum Bitter 4.2% Heavily hopped for bitterness and aroma, this a... 01/02/2007 Compare?
Elderquad 4% A pale, generously hopped session beer with hin... Permanent Compare?
Equinox 5% A pale golden fruity bitter beer with a clean h... 01/04/2006 Compare?
Euro-Quad 4% A seriously moreish amber bitter. Brewed with ... 01/03/2008 Compare?
Firedraught 4.5% An amber coloured bitter beer with a good balan... 01/02/2006 Compare?
Firefest 4.3% A dark amber coloured, well rounded bitter beer... 01/12/2006 Compare?
First Innings 3.8% A golden brown refreshing beer, brewed with org... Compare?
Forest King 3.7% A chestnut-coloured session bitter. Deliciousl... 01/02/2008 Compare?
Gem 4.5% A ruby red premium bitter. A rich resinous berr... 01/04/2011 Compare?
German Pale Ale 4.2% A clean tasting, golden coloured beer with plen... 01/10/2010 Compare?
Gold 4.3% Brewed using organic First Gold Hops and organi... Mar/Apr - 06 Compare?
Golden Delight 4.2% A blend of American, English and continental Eu... 01/11/2006 Compare?
Happy Hopi 4.3% All-American hops are combined with dark roaste... 01/07/2007 Compare?
Hip Hip Hooray 4% A concoction including blackberries, maybe rais... 01/09/2010 Compare?
Honey Blonde 4.3% A golden straw coloured bitter. Spicy and flora... Permanent Compare?
Honey Porter 4.4% A dark porter with a fusion of ingredients to d... 01/01/2010 Compare?
Hoptop 4% A deliciously hoppy pale ale combining a citrus... 01/03/2007 Compare?
IPA 6.8% A beer brewed to the classic India Pale Ale sty... Occasional Compare?
Journey's End 4.3% An amber coloured best bitter with a full range... 01/10/2009 Compare?
Light 3.8% A pale mild beer with a distinctive hoppy aroma... 01/05/2007 Compare?
Light Fantastic 4% A golden coloured bitter beer brewed from the E... 01/12/2005 Compare?
Logan's Berry 4.4% A combination of raspberries and blackberries a... 01/10/2007 Compare?
Mad Hare 4.4% A copper coloured beer where spicy aromas are b... 01/03/2010 Compare?
March Hare 4.4% A copper coloured beer brewed using crystal and... 01/03/2009 Compare?
Maroonmaker Mild 3.3% A chestnut coloured mild with pleasant malty fl... 01/05/2010 Compare?
Marynka Magic 4.1% Polish hops provide a floral hoppy aroma and a ... 01/02/2011 Compare?
MPH Best 3.7% A bonze coloured session bitter. The combinatio... 01/06/2009 Compare?
New Forest Ale 3.8% A bronze coloured best bitter. A combination of... Permanent Compare?
Oktober 4.2% A pale golden beer brewed according to the Germ... Compare?
Olympic Flame 4.1% Brewed to celebrate the Beijing Olympics in 200... 01/07/2008 Compare?
Olympic Flames 4.5% Brewed for this summer Olympic games, this easy... Compare?
PAX 5% A full - bodied Amber gold coloured beer with a... 01/12/2005 Compare?
Polish Golden Ale 4.2% A pale golden beer made with 100% Polish hops. ... 01/08/2006 Compare?
Polish Porter 4.4% 100& Polish hops (Marynka and Lubelski) add a c... 01/02/2007 Compare?
Quadhop 3.9% As the name implies, this is a beer brewed usin... Permanent Compare?
Quadrillo 4.2% A seriously deliciou pale ale - A fusion of fou... 01/02/2009 Compare?
Raspberry Wheat 4.5% Raspberry and wheat malt flavours with some hop... Compare?
Red Hop 4.3% An amber/red bitter. Spalter Select and East Ke... 01/09/2007 Compare?
Rye Smile 4.2% Crystal and Pale Rye malts provide a rich biscu... 01/09/2006 Compare?
Select 4.3% A pale, heavily-hopped bitter, brewed using 100... 01/08/2007 Compare?
Summer Slogger 3.7% A pale session bitter with a fine balance of a ... 01/08/2009 Compare?
Sven Goalie 4.2% A pale bitter beer brewed especially to celebra... 01/07/2006 Compare?
Swelter 4.1% A pale, heavily -Hopped bitter, brewed using 10... 01/07/2007 Compare?
Tettnang Red 4.3% A light red coloured premium bitter. Roasted ma... 01/09/2009 Compare?
Wheat 4.7% A clear golden wheat beer, brewed using East Ke... Compare?
Wheat Porter 4.4% A black coloured porter style beer brewed with ... Compare?
Wheat Stout 5% A black coloured stout brewed with wheatmalt. T... 01/11/2010 Compare?
Winter Solstice 4.6% A crimson coloured strong bitter. An abundance ... 01/12/2010 Compare?
Wintun 4.5% A copper coloured beer with a refreshingly clea... 01/07/2006 Compare?