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Castle Rock Brewery


Castle Rock - brewery based near Nottingham. with 123 beers listed including Adder to Yew

Castle Rock Beers

Beer ABV Notes Active Compare?
Adder 4.5% A traditional porter. Brewed for St Patrick day... 01/03/2006 Compare?
Alder 4.1% A Chocolate Bitter - the addition of chocolate ... 01/11/2008 Compare?
Bank Vole 3.9% Pale and refreshing, the grist contains malted ... 01/10/2004 Compare?
Bat 5% A dark biscuity brew with a full pumpkin added ... 01/10/2006 Compare?
Bearded Tit 3.8% A straw coloured delicately hopped session beer. 01/01/2009 Compare?
Bird's Foot Trefoil 4% A dark wheat beer more commonly brewed in conti... 01/06/2009 Compare?
Bittern 4.1% Produced with local honey, to give a distinguis... 01/09/2007 Compare?
Black Gold 3.5% A well balanced, dark mild ale with some bitter... Permanent Compare?
Black-Tailed Skimmer 4.2% A dark smooth moreish mild. 01/05/2009 Compare?
Blackbird 4.4% Porter. 01/12/2008 Compare?
Boatman [Cloudy] 5% Vegan Bavarian wheat beer. 01/06/2011 Compare?
Brown Trout 4.8% Slightly smoked brown ale 01/09/2011 Compare?
Bumblebee 4.5% A honey beer; pale and lightly hopped to allow ... 01/07/2008 Compare?
Bunting 3.6% Brewed in support of the Wildlife Trust. A redd... 01/09/2005 Compare?
Captain Albert Ball 4.2% World War I Flying Ace, VC, DSO and Two Bars, M... 01/06/2011 Compare?
Charlock 3.7% Brewed in support of the Wildlife Trust. Golden... 01/04/2005 Compare?
Chimney Sweeper 4.7% Dark vegan wheat beer. Lightly spiced aroma wit... 01/06/2012 Compare?
Clouded Yellow 4.2% Pale and naturally cloudy. Brewed with a high p... 01/04/2004 Compare?
Comma 3.7% Light, fresh and delicately hopped ale. 01/07/2011 Compare?
Common Blue 3.8% A mixed grist including rye and oats with subtl... 01/06/2007 Compare?
Conker 4.4% A nut brown ale, hopped with new hedgerow varie... 01/09/2006 Compare?
Corn Cockle 4.2% Brewed in support of the Wildlife Trust. A corn... 01/01/2005 Compare?
Corn Marigold 4.4% Brewed in support of the Wildlife Trust. Aromat... 01/07/2005 Compare?
Cowslip 4% Golden brown honey and heather ale. 01/04/2011 Compare?
Cranefly 4.3% A golden lager style cask ale using sazz hops. ... 01/08/2007 Compare?
Crayfish 6% A very strong IPA 01/08/2011 Compare?
Creeping Thistle 3.9% Brewed in support of the Wildlife Trust. A high... 01/02/2005 Compare?
Cuckoo Pint 4.2% Golden, well hopped with Goldings. 01/07/2004 Compare?
Curlew 4.1% A malty Scottish style beer, a Carew featured i... 01/01/2006 Compare?
Dark Mullein 4.4% Golden Brown fruity beer with a hint of honey. ... 01/09/2012 Compare?
Diamond Reign 4.1% Pale and refreshing brew to celebrate 60 years ... 01/06/2012 Compare?
Dingy Skipper 4.5% Spring Hop Ale Pale with delicate hop. 01/04/2010 Compare?
Egret 4.9% Strong pale pilsner style cask ale. Soft hop an... 01/08/2012 Compare?
Elsie Mo 4.7% A blonde single malt beer. Light in colour an... Permanent Compare?
Fat Hen 4.2% Brewed in support of the Wildlife Trust. A robu... 01/05/2005 Compare?
First Moel 4.7% Chestnut brown in colour. Refreshing on the pal... 01/12/2003 Compare?
Flying Ant 4.3% Sunset orange with a blend of German and Americ... 01/08/2006 Compare?
Frog 3.6% Extremely "hoppy" pale bitter 01/02/2011 Compare?
Gatekeeper 3.3% Dark mild with roasted tones and very low bitte... 01/05/2011 Compare?
George Green 4.2% Mathematician and scientist born in Sneinton. ... 01/03/2011 Compare?
Glow Worm 5.3% Wee Heavy- Finest Dark Scotch Ale. 01/01/2010 Compare?
Great Crested Grebe 4.2% Pale bitter. 01/02/2008 Compare?
Great Crested Newt 4.6% Traditional old ale. 01/09/2008 Compare?
Gropper 4.3% Twitchers shorthand for a Grasshopper Warbler. ... 01/04/2009 Compare?
Hairstreak 3.6% Lager style cask ale, fresh and crisp. 01/02/2010 Compare?
Hare 4.2% Golden Brown or should we say Braun, with aroma... 01/03/2007 Compare?
Harlequin 4% Traditional best bitter, reddish brown with a f... 01/10/2012 Compare?
Harry Wheatcroft 4.2% Famous rose grower with flamboyant appearance a... 01/09/2011 Compare?
Harvest Pale 3.8% Using gently kilned malt with a wonderful blend... Permanent Compare?
Hawker 4% Russet coloured, hop biased towards Challenger. 01/06/2004 Compare?
Hay Rattle 4.4% A strong full mash mild with a soft and smooth ... 01/05/2007 Compare?
Hazel 4.5% A dark smoky full flavoured stout. Will last w... 01/02/2007 Compare?
Hebridean 4.2% Rich Deep Ruby Traditional London Porter. 01/10/2010 Compare?
Hebridean 4.2% Rich smooth stout with a hint of coffee & liquo... 01/03/2012 Compare?
Hedgehog 3.8% A reddish tint given by caramel added to the co... 01/11/2006 Compare?
Hemlock 4% Mid strength, full flavoured bitter with fruity... 01/06/2012 Compare?
Holly 4.5% Deep red. Well hopped during the brew and dry h... 01/12/2004 Compare?
House Sparrow 3.6% Pale gold beer with a gentle aromatic hop and l... 01/02/2012 Compare?
Hoverfly 4.1% Brewed in support of the Wildlife Trust. A frui... 01/08/2005 Compare?
Jenny Wren 5.2% Pale Christmas beer with Australian Summer Hops... 01/12/2012 Compare?
Linnet 3.6% Brewed in support of the Wildlife Trust. Darkis... 01/06/2005 Compare?
Lord & Ladies 5.1% Traditional English Winter Warmer. 01/12/2010 Compare?
May 3.7% Pale with Centennial hop. 01/05/2004 Compare?
Mayfly 3.7% A light and dainty spring quaffing ale. 01/05/2006 Compare?
Meadow Brown 4.8% Classic English Brown Ale. 01/09/2010 Compare?
Meadowsweet 4.4% A deep golden honey beer, with a drop of mead. 01/08/2009 Compare?
Merlin 4.7% Tradtional English Porter 01/03/2011 Compare?
Mink 2.8% Dark brown mild with a sweet very gentle bitter... 01/05/2012 Compare?
Mistletoe 5.2% Rich, strong and fruity pudding ale. 01/12/2011 Compare?
Mole 3.4% Quaffing luncheon ale. 01/08/2008 Compare?
Mr Toad 4.5% Oatmeal stout. 01/03/2008 Compare?
Nightingale 4% Dark and full-bodied. Well hopped with a Fuggle... 01/09/2004 Compare?
Nightjar 4.4% Rich and dark featuring a large percentage of t... 01/01/2004 Compare?
Nottingham Crocus 3.9% A Nottingham style brew with a flowery hop fini... 01/04/2006 Compare?
Nottingham Dark Stout 4.5% Dark, heavy and well hopped. Nottingham Dark St... Winter Compare?
Nottingham Gold 3.5% A golden beer with distinct hop character deriv... Discontinued Compare?
Old Trent 4.1% Full flavoured but easy drinking mid brown bitt... 01/02/2009 Compare?
Owl 4.3% A tawny beer using amber malt, the owl has vari... 01/02/2006 Compare?
Painted Lady 4% Brewed in support of the Wildlife Trust. A mid ... 01/03/2005 Compare?
Partridge 4.8% A dark warming spiced Christmas ale. A winter w... 01/12/2006 Compare?
Polecat 3.9% New All American Hop Blend. 01/11/2010 Compare?
Preservation Fine Ale 4.4% Mid-brown / reddish easy drinking full flavoure... Permanent Compare?
Pyramidal Orchid 4.5% Lager style cask ale. 01/07/2009 Compare?
Ramping Fumatory 3.9% Brewed in support of the Wildlife Trust. A dark... 01/11/2005 Compare?
Ramstoms 4.3% Pale Spring ale. 01/04/2008 Compare?
Raptor 6% Strong Extra Stout with rich burnt flavour. 01/03/2010 Compare?
Ratty 4% Light mild. 01/05/2008 Compare?
Red Start 4.3% Rich reddy-brown traditional best bitter. 01/11/2011 Compare?
Redshank 5.6% Reddish, strong yet clean tasting bitter based ... 01/12/2009 Compare?
Reed 4.4% A pale hoppy bitter based on Castle Rock's popu... 01/09/2009 Compare?
Robin 4.2% A well hopped reddish brew with a hint of seaso... 01/12/2007 Compare?
Rook 4.2% Brewed in support of the Wildlife Trust. A good... 01/10/2005 Compare?
Sand Martin 4.5% Chocolate Stout, bitter and sweet notes balance... 01/03/2009 Compare?
Screech Owl 5.5% Brewed to export strength this strong well-hopp... Permanent Compare?
Shaggy Ink Cap 4.1% Light Mild, low hop, mellow flavour. 01/05/2010 Compare?
Shaggy Ink Cap 4.5% Dark Chocolate Porter, deep ruby with coffee ch... 01/11/2012 Compare?
Sheriffs Tipple 3.5% A recipe based on the award winning Nottingham ... Permanent Compare?
Sherwood Oak TBC 01/11/2007 Compare?
Skylark 4.6% A refreshing wheat beer, naturally cloudy (unfi... 01/07/2007 Compare?
Small Copper 4.1% Copper coloured by adding caramel to the brewin... 01/03/2004 Compare?
Snowhite 4.2% A refreshing single malt beer with a distinctiv... 01/01/2013 Compare?
Sparrowhawk 5% Strong, cloudy, wheat beer. 01/06/2008 Compare?
St John's Wort 5.5% A golden ale with St John's Wort extract. Often... 01/06/2006 Compare?
Starling 3.7% Light brown bitter. 01/01/2008 Compare?
Stickleback 3.8% Pale and lightly hopped with Fuggles. 01/08/2004 Compare?
Stoat 4% Very pale! Lightly hopped with Mount Hood. 01/11/2004 Compare?
Stone Loach 5% Floral pale ale with lemongrass notes from the ... 01/04/2012 Compare?
Swift 3.8% Light coloured, produced with lager malt and a ... 01/02/2004 Compare?
Tern 3.6% Rich and smooth stout with distinct bitterness 01/10/2011 Compare?
Tree Sparrow 3.9% Dry hopped during conditioning makes this brown... 01/04/2007 Compare?
Turtle Dove 5% Brewed in support of the Wildlife Trust. A well... 01/12/2005 Compare?
Urban Fox 4.5% Auburn/red beer with a hint of fruit and a burn... 01/01/2012 Compare?
Warbler 4.9% A stronger mash based on our Hemlock recipe tha... 01/10/2009 Compare?
White Admiral 5.6% A very pale fruity strong bitter. With Admiral... 01/10/2007 Compare?
Wild Angelica 3.7% Amber session bitter. 01/07/2010 Compare?
Wild Angelica 3.7% Amber session beer, malt grain taste, a hoppy a... 01/07/2012 Compare?
William Bendigo Thompson 4.2% Renowned 1800s bare knuckle fighter, brewed for... 01/12/2011 Compare?
Willow 4% A very pale single malt beer with a single Engl... 01/07/2006 Compare?
Winter Rail 5% Porter; with a roast malt aroma this warming br... 01/11/2009 Compare?
Wood Anemone 4.2% Well rounded, easy drinking mid-brown tradition... 01/01/2007 Compare?
Woodlark 4.6% Smoked and dark bitter. 01/08/2010 Compare?
Yaffle 4.6% Pilsner style cask ale. 01/01/2011 Compare?
Yew 5% Unfined Cloudy German Style Wheat Beer. 01/06/2010 Compare?