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Brysons Brewery

Morecambe, Lancs.

Brysons - brewery based near Morecambe, Lancs. with 19 beers listed including Barrows Bitter to Westmorland Bitter

Brysons Beers

Beer ABV Notes Active Compare?
Barrows Bitter 4.2% A traditional, North-West Bitter, straw coloure... Autumn Compare?
BROW 4.5% Using Barley, Rye, Oat and Wheat malts, this be... Discontinued Compare?
Hurricane Bitter 4.1% A pale straw coloured bitter beer. An initial h... Permanent Compare?
John McGuinness 4.2% Dark straw/light copper coloured, with an aroma... Permanent Compare?
Lancashire Bitter 3.8% A pale amber coloured session bitter. Initial b... Discontinued Compare?
Lancaster Castle 4.1% Pale and well hopped with honey added to the co... Discontinued Compare?
Lancaster Pirory 5.7% Copper coloured, mid bitterness, fruity beer br... Discontinued Compare?
Lancaster Quayside 4.9% A dark winter ale. Dark copper coloured, with t... Discontinued Compare?
Lifesaver 3.8% A rich golden beer with a floral honey aroma an... Permanent Compare?
Memorial 4% An English style wheat beer using a moderate am... Summer Compare?
Patrick's Porter 4.3% A dark and drinkable beer a highly complex beer... Winter Compare?
Santa's Speedy Stout 5% Wonderful aromas of dried fruit and chocolate, ... 01/12/2008 Compare?
Shifting Sands 3.8% A light and refreshing sand coloured beer with ... Spring/Summer Compare?
Shrimpers Stout 4.7% A dark beer, smooth and malty tasting with dark... Winter Compare?
St Georges Ale 4.4% A pale ale. Pronounced fruit taste with hop bit... Apr Compare?
Terns Tipple 3.5% A traditional dark mild using barley, wheat and... May Compare?
Union Flag 1606 3.9% A blonde beer that has an aroma of top fruit, t... Permanent Compare?
Wammellers Wheat 4% A moderately hopped wheat beer using 50% wheat ... Spring Compare?
Westmorland Bitter 3.6% A light copper coloured bitter. Tasting of roas... Permanent Compare?