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Beartown Brewery

Congleton, Cheshire.

Beartown - brewery based near Congleton, Cheshire. with 24 beers listed including Ambeardextrous to White Admiral

Beartown Beers

Beer ABV Notes Active Compare?
Ambeardextrous 3.8% Dark and silky smooth with a mellow finish and ... Compare?
Bear Ass 4% Ruby red, malty bitter with good hop nose, frui... Permanent Compare?
Bearly Literate 4.5% A golden pale ale offering crisp hoppy flavours... Permanent Compare?
Bearskinful 4.2% Tawny bitter with malt and fruit in the taste l... Permanent Compare?
Black Bear 5% Dark ruby coloured, strong, mild ale. Subtle ro... Permanent Compare?
Blarney Bear 4.8% A dry stout in the Irish style, with excellent ... 01/03/2007 Compare?
Bruins Ruin 5% Deep copper coloured, strong bitter. Packed ful... Permanent Compare?
Extra Claws 6% A strong beer at 6% that should be treated with... Compare?
Ginger Bear 4% The flavours from the malt and hops blend with ... Occasional Compare?
Goldie Hops 3.5% Pale straw coloured session ale, easy drinking ... Compare?
Grizzley 6.8% Compare?
Hare Bear Gold 4.5% Golden pale ale in which the citrus character o... Compare?
Hoppy New Bear 4.5% A premium quality ale. Deep red / brown colour,... 01/01/2008 Compare?
IBA 4.8% Light golden, pale ale. Crisp, sharp initial fl... Compare?
Kodiak Gold 4% Well balanced, straw coloured and very drinkabl... Permanent Compare?
Pandamonium 4.8% A dark and tasty blackcurrant stout, packed wit... Compare?
Peach Melbear 4.4% Refreshing blonde ale, the hoppy bitterness is ... 01/01/2010 Compare?
Polar Eclipse 4.8% Rich, creamy, smooth, dark, oatmeal stout with ... Permanent Compare?
Santa's Claws 4.5% A premium quality festive ale! Deep red / brown... Compare?
St Georges Bear 4.2% A deep copper coloured ale, full of flavour fro... Compare?
Ursa Major 4.5% A golden pale ale, crisp hoppy flavours with a ... 01/06/2009 Compare?
Ursa Minor 3.6% This little bear is a real star! Palest gold in... Compare?
Wheat Bear 5% Golden coloured wheat beer. Crisp, floral and c... Compare?
White Admiral 4.1% Originally brewed for Tatton Park Royal Horticu... Compare?