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Beer Barrels beers

Brewery Beer Location ABV Compare?
Three B's Happy New Beer Blackburn, Lancs. 3.7% Compare?
Cains Victorian Beer Liverpool 4.7% Compare?
Cains Raisin Beer Liverpool 5% Compare?
Exe Valley Spring Beer Silverton, Devon. 4.3% Compare?
Wentworth Bumble Beer Rotherham, S. Yorks. 4.3% Compare?
Moor Beer Revival Ashcott, Somset. 3.8% Compare?
Cains Organic Wheat Beer Liverpool 4% Compare?
Hambleton Hoppy New Beer Melmerby, N. Yorks. 4% Compare?
Moor Beer Milly's Ashcott, Somset. 3.9% Compare?
Moor Beer Confidence Ashcott, Somset. 4.6% Compare?
Hopstar Chilli Beer Darwen, Lancs. 3.8% Compare?
Elgoods Straw Beer Wisbech, Cambs. 4% Compare?
Lees Vulcan Wheat Beer Manchester. 4.1% Compare?
King & Co New Beer's Resolution Horsham, W. Sussex. 4.2% Compare?
Exe Valley Beer Wolf Silverton, Devon. 4.5% Compare?
Milk Street Beer Frome, Somset. 5% Compare?
Blindmans Mine Beer Leighton, Somset. 4.2% Compare?
Summerskills Fat Free Beer Plymouth, Devon 4.7% Compare?
Roosters Ginger Beer Knaresbro, N. Yorks. 4.7% Compare?
Blindmans Beer Elbow Leighton, Somset. 4.3% Compare?