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Example Beers

Brewery Beer Location ABV Compare?
Clarks Octopussy Wakefield, W. Yorks. 4.4% Compare?
Tower Thomas Salts Bitter Burton upon Trent, Staffs. 3.8% Compare?
Rudgate Odin's Gold Tockwith, York. 4.5% Compare?
Khean Fine Leg Congleton, Cheshire. 4.2% Compare?
Milton Justinian Milton, Cambridge. 3.9% Compare?
Bath Ales Wild Hare Bristol. 5% Compare?
Grainstore Ten Fifty Oakham, Rutland 5% Compare?
Burton Bridge Sovereign Gold Burton upon Trent, Staffs. 4% Compare?


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Has anyone found the this beer for sale in Toronto? LCBO in the west end don't have it.

said Maisie' s daughter
about Traquair House Ale - Traquair House Real Ale

Was this named after Kerri Ann Steward?

said Tommy
about Old Slapper - Bank Top Real Ale

What a load of twaddle!! Brew XI was a distinctive, not too strong bitter. Nothing more, nothing less. If it's now brewed in Cardiff, then it...

said S. Yates
about Brew XI - Mitchells & Butlers Real Ale

Bushy's are still brewing Manx Pride - we have it on the bar today (26/09/2013). The Old Ebor, York YO23 1EQ

said Paul Matson
about Manx Pride - Bushys Real Ale

Hi, I first tasted this at the Trent lock beer festival at the Steam Boat Inn. I normally prefer an IPA but this came very close in taste. A very...

said Steve Howe
about Cavendish Gold - Shardlow Real Ale

WHAT ! ! ! no-one has commented on one of the best beers in the UK I have the privilege to be a ex barman of the Blue Ball at Triscombe it was...

said barrowwraith
about Tally Ho! - Palmers Real Ale

A dark malty ale, with chocolate and dark berry flavours. Thrown in with a bitter aftertaste I thoroughly enjoyed it.

said Smoothe hoperator
about Mothers Ruin - Abbeydale Real Ale

Discovered Honey Pot in a quiet pub off Oxford Street, London. Golden yellow colour, almost like a lager but deeper hew, the taste came in three...

said Watsonsathome
about Honeypot - Coach House Real Ale

Absolute genious loved every drop,gutted my landlord aint getting no more.......

said Xevi
about Christmas Fairy - Skinners Real Ale

Just had this at The Reedcutter Cantley and it was beautiful! Like a chocolate milkshake with a bit of xmas pudding thrown in. Magic!

said Mark
about Santa Paws - Wolf Real Ale

Pommies Revenge is well remembered as the brew so well enjoyed one night in the Crown Inn, at Broadfield, that the two of us relaxed on stools at...

said Tats Is
about Pommies Revenge - Goose Eye Real Ale

Silver Tally is 3.7% not 4.7%

said Trashcan
about Silver Tally - Prospect Real Ale

Had a pint of this at Bree louise near Euston Station in London, it was dreadful, must have been close to the bottom of the barrelI think Osbourne...

said The High Peak Drinker
about Chancellors Revenge - Shardlow Real Ale

An absolutely outrageously good beer.So smooth & rich you could be forgiven for forgetting it is over 10%

said JohnJ
about Baltic Trader Imperial Stout - Green Jack Real Ale

Enjoyed this beer beginning of May 2012 at "Dark Ale Days" beer festival at White Horse Inn, Mill Green, Edwardstone Suffolk.Just like to say that...

said JohnJ
about Double Espresso - TSA Real Ale

My son bought me a mix case of marathons ales .all where very tastefully,but I perticuley enjoyed the single malt,it was lovely light flavour...

said Ianspong
about Single Malt - Marstons Real Ale

Had a couple of pints of Flintlock on Thursday at Railway Buffet Bar Stalyridge. It tasted exactley as you desribethe beer with a touch of...

said Romanbojczuk
about Flintlock Pale Ale - Coach House Real Ale

just had my first pint .. mmmmm yummmmmmmmmmmmmmm

said Judd
about Whapweasel - Hexhamshire Real Ale

It's active had a pint a couple of weeks ago.. most enjoyable

said GGD
about Gladiator - Hadrian & Border Real Ale

Love this beer - pale, golden, crisp with acidic tendencies. Kept beautifully by my local landlord at Thr Horse Shoe, Harley, South Yorkshire. I...

said Snhague
about Tiger Rut - Millstone Real Ale

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